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GeoFiber is specifically designed for the design, expansion, and management of telecommunication networks. It automates the process to deliver permit drawings, technical drawings, and bills of materials for construction purposes to a high degree. GeoFiber uses complex algorithms to calculate the optimal paths. With a single web-based application, one can manage the full realm of network design projects, ranging from individual connections to large scale FttX networks

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Why GeoFiber?

1A first-time right application, fully web-based, with which engineers design up to 8 times faster in comparison to current practice.
2Allows for automated, seamless integration of external (non-)spatial and data sources and databases and (external) systems.
3Increase your network quality through a standardized step-by-step design process that enforces design consistency, mitigates execution risk, and is created with a smooth user experience in mind.
4This modularly built web-application can be tailor-made and adapted to customer-specific styling-, design- and process requirements
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